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Startpagina's met verzamelingen links

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Programmamma om te zoeken met meerdere zoekmachines tegelijk


Nederlandse zoekmachines:

De meest populaire zoekmachines, wereldwijd:
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Een verzameling mondiale zoekmachines:
  1. Aesir Custom Search - Customize your favorite search engine with output filters.
  2. Afghana! - provides links to Afghan news, music, businesses, government, culture, and more.
  3. AllMortgageSearch.com - mortgage specific search engine.
  4. AllSmallBiz.com - search engine dedicated to small business information.
  5. Astalavista - daily updated search engine monitoring hundreds sites with hack & crack stuff.
  6. AltaVista - web and newsgroup search engine.
  7. AltaVista Australia - mirror site providing Australian, New Zealand, and Pacific Rim users with faster access.
  8. AltaVista Canada- info-links voor Canada.
  9. Ananzi - search engine dedicated to the South African domain.
  10. Anzwers - Search engine for Australia and NZ.
  11. Astalavista - daily updated search engine monitoring hundreds sites with hack & crack stuff. (ook regionaal).
  12. Bango.net - enables people to access web pages using numbers instead of complex web addresses.
  13. Bigstuff - Vele links (o.a. in het Nederlands).
  14. BizAds Business Locator - search engine dedicated to business listings. Come add your business for increased visibility or use our lightening fast business locator.
  15. Business Seek - Business Directory and Resources.
  16. Canadian and Worldwide Links - searchable directory of Canadian websites.
  17. Clever Project - publications and ongoing work at IBM Almaden Research Center to develop algorithms and systems for solving the problem of information overload.
  18. Clickey - keyword based search enigne of registered domain names.
  19. Community-based Navigation - We are testing an enhanced version of Mosaic that supports fast Likert scale rating and automatically pools item-ratings in a community server that can recommend and evaluate URLs.
  20. CurryGuide - meta search engine allowing searches within the UK, Europe, and worldwide.
  21. DIY Search - search engine dedicated to the DIY music, e-zine and arts community.
  22. EgoSurf - search tool finds web pages that include your name, or any name you provide.
  23. El Faro - buscador robótico o "araña" que recorre el web en busca de contenido en el idioma castellano y lo agrega a una base de datos, dentro de la cual el usuario puede realizar búsquedas.
  24. Electric Monk - allows users to perform natural language web searches in plain English.
  25. Euroseek-diverse webdirectories (Engels)
  26. Excite - is a global media Co. offering consumers and advertisers comprehensive Internet navigation services with extensive personalization capabilities. Excite, Inc.'s services include the Excite and WebCrawler brands.
  27. FindLinks- The yellow pages phone book and phone directory
  28. Fish4 - from Urban Desires; limits results to just one "damn near perfect" URL. Discover the other fish in cyberspace.
  29. GeoIndex - search tool for geo-environmental professionals.
  30. Globepage - Asia search service in English, Chinese GB, and Big 5 encoding.
  31. Google - uses text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your search.
  32. Heuréka - search engine for the Hungarian Webspace.
  33. HotBot - offers users a point-and-click interface, pulldown menus, and the ability to use plain English terminology for constructing searches.
  34. iAtlas - focus searches by industry categories, geographic location, site popularity, and other specialty filters.
  35. Ireland search engines - search resource with meta search and a multi submit engine.
  36. InfoBASIC- info volgt nog.
  37. Infohiway - Point-n-go access to the Infohiway. GeoSurfer reveals the web geographically, Plus... FTP, Gopherspace and more.
  38. InfoTiger Search Engine - Intelligent search - COOL ranking!
  39. Irena - Web Connections Finder - glean from a target page of this Web server all relevant hypertext links and their annotations. Irena is is especially useful for locating links to resources referenced in long, complex and densly written HTML documents.
  40. Kanoodle.com - bid-for-location search engine with a focus on music. Also offers email, chat, a Love & Advice section, and more.
  41. Keyword.com- zoekmachine voor aanverwante keywords.
  42. Law Enforcement Links Directory & Police Search Engine and Directory - categories include operational support, crime statistics, information resources, and administrative support.
  43. LinkMaster- info volgt nog
  44. LuXPoint - internet directory and search for Luxembourg.
  45. Lycos - develops and provides online guides to locate and filter information on the Internet. Products enable users to accurately identify and select information of interest to them.
  46. MagPortal.com - directory and search engine for finding free magazine articles.
  47. MasterSite
  48. MathSearch - search a collection of mathematical Web material
  49. Maxisearch - with local, national and international news.
  50. Mister Driver - search engine for device drivers.
  51. MOSHIx2 - Japanese and English search engine. Also has a browseable directory of sites.
  52. MRO-Explorer - industrial search engine to locate distributors, manufacturers, and related subjects.
  53. MSN Internet Search- info volgt nog
  54. Mug-O-Milk - search by asking a question or entering keywords.
  55. MusicSearch - music search engine with over 5,000 links and growing.
  56. NationalDirectory
  57. Netscape Search - combines results from the Netcenter, Open Directory, and the Web.
  58. Netword - a word or short phrase that provides free access to an Internet destination. People & companies are creating Networds so you can find their information easily.
  59. News Hunt - links to free newspaper archives and a searchable database of searchable newspapers.
  60. Nordic Web Index - free web searching particular to the Nordic countries. The NWI has Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish service points.
  61. Oingo - offering a meaning-based search service.
  62. OneKey- info volgt nog
  63. Poke! - search assistant that uses javascript and frames. It is always with you, an alt + tab away.
  64. Pollinia: Network Orchid Stuff - search engine that focuses on orchid-related web sites.
  65. Pregnancy and Parenting Search Engine - a search engine devoted to pregnancy and parenting related web sites. Categories include a range of topics relating to pregnancy, parenting, and family issues.
  66. QuestFinder - offers a list of categories.
  67. Radar - international search engine. In English and Spanish. - education re
  68. Scour - guide to multimedia on the Internet. Use it to find audio, video, images and animation.
  69. Scrub The Web
  70. Search Adobe PDF Online - search engine for PDF documents that allows you to view the summaries before viewing the actual documents.
  71. Argos Search - search for web sites and documents that cover the ancient world.
  72. Search By Media - search the Web for sites, audio, images, and video.
  73. Search King - engine that relies on web surfing for quality searching results. Searchers vote on sites, assuring relevant internet results.
  74. Search NZ- info volgt nog
  75. Search.bg - search engine dedicated to Bulgarian companies and internet resources.
  76. Search.NL - Search Dutch cyberspace. Unique fuzzy searching eliminates the need for correct spelling of search queries.
  77. SearchMil.com - search engine indexing the .mil domain.
  78. Searchopolis - education resource center
  79. Searchport - promotes websites by linking.
  80. Sesna - Ukrainian Search - search engine for Ukrainian sites.
  81. Singingfish.com - develops, markets and licenses streaming media and multimedia search services.
  82. Sourcebank - a source code search engine and directory for Java, C, C++, and other languages.
  83. Spider's Apprentice, The - a public service site that offers help on searching the Web. We also analyze and rate the major search engines.
  84. Sportsdogs.com - sports oriented search engine.
  85. TechnoFind - search facility for Singaporean Web sites.
  86. TheLinks - includes major search engines, plus 800 numbers, zip codes, usp, yellow pages and medical databases.
  87. Thunderstone - an index of sites, not pages.
  88. TopClick - preserves your privacy: no banner ads, cookies, or other invasive personal profiling technologies. Powered by Google.
  89. Travel-Finder Spider - demonstration contains information collected on travel related resources and information.
  90. Ugabula - buscador: search Spanish and Latin sites.
  91. United States of America Web Resource- info volgt nog
  92. Voila- info volgt nog
  93. WebDirect! - add, modify or delete websites and/or Yellow Page indexes, keywords, and display search results the way you want to.
  94. Websurfer- info volgt nog
  95. WestMichigan.com - local search engine.
  96. What-U-Seek- info volgt nog
  97. whoizzy- info volgt nog
  98. Worldwide Embassies and Consulates Search Engine - searchable database for addresses, telephone numbers, emails, and websites of world embassies and consulates.
  99. WWWomen Search Directory - comprehensive search engine. Includes resources for arts, business, computers, internet, education, feminism, health, lesbians, magazines, shopping, fashion, sports, and more.
  100. xrefer - searches encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, books of quotations, and a range of subject-specific titles.
  101. Yahoo- zeer bekende en snelle zoekmachine
  102. Zebra - search South Africa.
  103. ZenSearch- info volgt nog

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Maken websites en HTMLinfo

  1. Alles wat een webdesigner nodig heeft
  2. Uitleg over HTML, JavaScript, DHTML en CGI
  3. Beginnerscursus HTML
  4. HTML-cursus (Nederlands)

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Alternatieve woordenboeken

  1. Woordenboek voor kinder-Nederlands
    met prachtige voorbeelden van kinder-woorden.
  2. Van Dales zaken-woorden
    een verzameling voorbeelden van nieuwe zaken-woorden.
  3. Woordenboek voor PC-gebruikers
    Nederlandstalig Computeryermen Lexion (NCL)
  4. De "Iternet-glossary"
    het "internet woordenboek"
  5. Overzicht Nederlandse woordenboeken.
    een enorme reeks handige en gekke woordenboeken.

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Online vertalen

  1. Vertaal Site ABN-to-platHaags
    woorden en/of zinnen worden vertaald in plat Haags
  2. de "Internet Translater"
    vertaalt woorden, zinnen en/of hele pagina's tekst van en naar vele talen
  3. Vertaalmogelijkheid woorden
    Nederlands naar/van o.a. Afrikaans, Esperanto, Fries, etc. (14 talen)
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  1. Site redactie Mensen, MSVN
  2. Stichting MSresearch Nederland
  3. Internationale MS Vereniging
  4. Site met MS-info uit de USA
  5. MS-society USA
  6. Schering: betaferon
  7. Biogen idec: avonex
  8. MS-network: rebif
  9. Info over med.marihuana
  10. Site of Megan Curry (Engels)
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Gehandicapten-chronisch zieken

  1. CG-raad (chronisch zieken-gehandicapten raad)
  2. arbeid en wetgeving voor gehandicapten
  3. Revalidatie Nederland: wegwijzer naar instellingen/organisaties voor revalidatie
  4. NIGZ: Nationaal Instituut voor Gezondheidsbevordering en Ziektepreventie
  5. Voedingscentrum: dieten
  6. Clinica pharmacology: medicijn-info (E)
  7. NebasNsg: Nederlandse Bond Aangepaste Sporten
  8. Site van de ANGO
  9. Handicap.nl: informatie en advies
  10. Leefwijzer: infosite voor mensen met een handicap en/of chron.ziekte

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Wereldtijden en dag/nacht-zone

  1. Wereldtijden en dag/nacht-zone

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  1. Antivirusprogramma's
  2. Firewalls
  3. Antispyware
  4. Privacy; datawissen
  5. Privacy; encryptie
  6. Browsers
  7. E-mail: client
  8. E-mail: server
  9. E-mail: spamfilter
  10. Downloaden
  11. FTP: client
  12. FTP: server
  13. Communicatie: instant-messenger
  14. Communicatie: bellen
  15. Kantoor: offesuite
  16. Kantoor: PDF
  17. HTML-editors
  18. Compressie
  19. Mediaspelers
  20. Rippen CD's en DVD's
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